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The Passion of Steve Jobs – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog Annotated

tags: jobs, kindle, reading

Mr. Jobs can be like that when he assesses the competition.

Today he had a wide range of observations on the industry, including the Amazon Kindle book reader, which he said would go nowhere largely because Americans have stopped reading.

“It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore,” he said. “Forty percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.”

    CrunchGear » Archive » MacBook AirHead: why Apple’s new laptop is basically useless Annotated

    tags: laptops, macbook_air, subnotebooks

    Air is trying to be a regular notebook but failing – what Apple has done is take a regular notebook and flatten it (very well I might add), while simultaneously crippling it. Everything about it is a compromise except the width, and even the width doesn’t make it small; a real subnotebook is more than thin, it’s small in the other ways too. It may be thin, but with a 13.3-in. screen it’s not going in any cargo pockets. Look, it’s a sexy little thing but at that price it’s an atrocity and it is not a subnotebook or ultraportable. Sorry, but size, price, and hardware put it in budget laptop territory, and it’s simply not competitive there except in sex appeel.

      Many laptops are lighter than MacBook Air – USATODAY.com Annotated

      tags: laptops, macbook_air, subnotebooks

      Apple’s new MacBook Air may be the thinnest laptop on the market, but it isn’t the lightest.


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          The Danger of Free – ReadWriteWeb Annotated

          tags: advertising, free

          The paths that we are taking lead to confused customers at best; and monopolistic practices
          at worst. A culture where consumers think that increasingly more and more services should be free is not healthy.

          Teens are growing up with not only a sense of expectation of free, but sense of entitlement to free. Of course my social network is free! But why? The phone is not free, television is not free, clothing, food, house – everything else is not free. Is this not a paradox?Just a few decades ago, people had low expectations and worked hard to make living. They did not know free and never expected it. Now, the opposite trend is happening, with free becoming expected online. Will the new generation, the one that expects something for nothing, work as hard to maintain the high standards of living that we created?

          From the effectiveness of advertising to monopolistic market plays, free is making a lot of people nervous. The libraries are free because we pay taxes, but Microsoft Office is not free and probably should not be free.

            Le Blog Parfait : Sondage | Nowhere Else 2.0 Annotated

            tags: blogging

            • Le Blog Parfait est un “Blog spécialisé administré par un rédacteur unique, une personnalité, tous deux présentés dans une section “A propos”.
            • Le thème utilisé est un “thème classique sans “Home Page” composé de deux colonnes dont une sidebar placée à droite ainsi que d’une barre de navigation horizontale. Le background ainsi que la palettes de couleurs utilisées tendent vers les tons clairs.
            • Les articles du Blog Parfait sont de préférence affichés dans leur intégralité (sans nécessiter de suivre un lien “lire la suite”), sont illustrés et comportent un formulaire de commentaires permettant de s’y s’abonner et pouvant comporter un Captcha à condition qu’il le moins complexe possible. Le blog parfait propose des liens et cite ses sources dans ses articles.
            • Le Blog Parfait met une section “Contact” comportant de préférence un formulaire de contact à la disposition de ses lecteurs. Une Blogroll, une section “Archives”, un moteur de recherche interne ainsi qu’une liste des catégories sont également disponibles. Le Blog Parfait peut sans que ce soit d’une importance capitale, afficher un nuage de Tags et/ou des boutons de Bookmarking.
            • Le Blog Parfait met à la disposition de ses lecteurs et affiche clairement ses fils de syndication (RSS, Atom) et éventuellement un formulaire d’abonnement par mail.
            • Le Blog Parfait évite autant que possible d’entrainer l’ouverture de nouvelles fenêtres ou nouveaux onglets lorsqu’un lien actif est clické.
            • Pour finir, Le Blog Parfait peut se permettre de publier des articles Publi-rédactionnels mais ne doit pas abuser des affichages publicitaires.

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