« Why I Stopped Using Twitter »


Au moment où dans notre micro-communauté on assiste à un réinvestissement de Twitter, peut-être à cause d’un backlash (modéré) sur Facebook (😉), un peu de critique polémique dissensus (cf. commentaires au billet cité) peut être salutaire.

Why I Stopped Using Twitter – Publishing 2.0

Let me immediately qualify that — it’s not that ALL of Twitter is a waste of time. It’s that TOO MUCH of Twitter is a massive waste of time. Some aspects are hugely valuable and well worth the time. There’s really interesting “conversation.” There’s connectedness. There’s discovery.But the noise to signal ratio is WAY too high. And the temptation to Tweet for the sake of Tweeting is WAY too high.

An example of high noise to signal is the Twitter “half conversation” — where two user are talking to each other directly, but you only follow one of them. So you hear half the conversation, like listening to someone on their cell phone. It’s quasi-voyeuristically interesting sometimes, but mostly it’s just annoying.

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