design, évaluation, spam… (en vrac sur diigo 11/24/2007)


Entretiens du nouveau monde industriel

Live Documents Annotated

  • Access your documents on the web or on the desktop
  • View and edit your documents from anywhere at any time in your browser in a rich user interface that provides the functionality and responsiveness that you expect in your familiar desktop applications.
  • Use your existing desktop Office application (Microsoft Office currently and shortly Open Office) as a smart client that permits offline access to your document – the next time you go online, Live Documents automatically synchronizes all changes to ensure that there is a single version of the truth.

Live Documents is how all Office applications will look like one day – a platform that marries the strengths of the desktop and the web into a synchronized solution that leverages the best of both worlds.

UK Research Evaluation Framework: Validate Metrics Against Panel Rankings – Open Access Archivangelism Annotated

Once one sees the whole report, it turns out that the HEFCE/RAE Research Evaluation Framework is far better, far more flexible, and far more comprehensive than is reflected in either the press release or the Executive Summary.

Spam Will Outnumber Legit Email For First Time: Researchers Annotated

Approximately 10.8 trillion spam messages will have crossed through inboxes in the past year, compared to 10.5 trillion legitimate person-to-person email messages.

« Two years from now, spam will be solved, » said Bill Gates in 2004 addressing World Economic Forum in Switzerland. But 2007 will go down as the worst year yet for spam…

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