Beyond Facebook: webmail killer app, lifestreaming, etc. (en vrac sur diigo 11/15/2007)


(« killer app » en référence à un échange avec Marin sur FB)

OpenSocket: Facebook now supports OpenSocial! – The Unofficial Facebook Blog Annotated

As loyal readers will remember, I previously posted here that it might be possible to bypass the politics playing out between Facebook and Google by building a Facebook app acting as a container for OpenSocial gadgets. We now have a working version of the OpenSocket application, demonstrating some basic OpenSocial gadgets running inside Facebook!

Yahoo Mail, iGoogle to take on Facebook? | Tech news blog – CNET Annotated

« Web-based e-mail systems already contain much of what Facebook calls the social graph–the connections between people, » Saul Hansell writes in his blog posting. « Yahoo and Google realize that they have this information and can use it to build their own services that connect people to their contacts. »

Is the Inbox the Next Social Network? Annotated

We’ve been hearing for a couple of years now about the potential of social networks like MySpace and Facebook to replace web-based email services like Yahoo and Hotmail. And with the recent stats indicating that there’s more attention being shown towards social networks than email services, it’s no wonder that Google and Yahoo have perked up efforts to innovate. With both giants having dabbled in social networking, from 360 to Orkut, it’s clear that replicating existing social networks just wouldn’t be enough.

Social networks of the future could be email based – Download Squad Annotated

While Facebook, Friendster and MySpace are the big names in social networking these days, tomorrow’s social networking giants could be Yahoo! and Google. And we’re not talking about Google’s OpenSocial platform.

Inbox 2.0 Makes Me Sad Annotated

Saul Hansell at the The New York Times is reporting that both Yahoo and Google are planning to use their email services as the core of their social networking strategy over time.

Miro – free, open source internet tv and video player Annotated

Turn your computer into an internet TV.

Search Engine for Apps and Widgets. Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, IPhone, OSX and more! Annotated

Find apps and widgets for your social network, mobile device, blog, home page, or

5ThirtyOne – Google Hosted Email

Augmented Social Cognition: How social tagging appears to affect human memory? Annotated

    • In the type-to-tag condition, users appears to elaborate what they have just read, and re-encoded the knowledge with keywords that might be helpful for later use. This appears to help the free-recall task (a) above. In other words, users seem to end up with a top-down process and induces them to schematize what they have learned.
    • While in the click2tag condition, users appears to re-read the passages to pick out keywords from the sentences, and this appears to help them in their recognition tasks (b) above. In other words, users seem to use a bottom-up process that simply picked out the most important keywords from the passage.

FriendFeed Annotated

FriendFeed makes it easy to keep track of the web pages, videos, music, and photos your friends and family interact with around the Internet. The site is currently in a private beta-testing period.

Tumblr Annotated

To get started, try using the buttons below to add a
text blurb about your day,
upload the last great photo you took,
quote the last profound or utterly absurd thing you heard,
link to the last great web site you visited,
log the last funny chat you had or overheard,
or spotlight the last cool video you watched.

lifestreams – your life live Annotated

Invite friends to your friends lifestream, your family to your family lifestream, your neighbours to your local lifestream and your colleagues to your business lifestream and track live what’s going on in their lifes.

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