Wikipedia à l’université, réseau social trendy, etc. (en vrac sur diigo… 11/06/2007)


Habituellement, c’est l’utilisation de Wikipedia par les étudiants comme lecteurs qu’on envisage (que Wikipedia ne peut servir de référence, mais que c’est bien utile tout de même, etc.). Le professeur Martha Groom a fait de ses étudiants des scripteurs sur Wikipedia en leur demandant d’y publier leur travail. Brillant! Et les résultats sont surprenants.

Using Wikipedia to Reenvision the Term Paper | EDUCAUSE CONNECT Annotated

The structure of the traditional term paper can limit its educational value. To make the assignment more meaningful, students published their papers in Wikipedia. This session will examine how publishing for a large online community motivated students to do better work and deal with issues of voice, knowledge, and community.

Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education – Inside Higher Ed :: When Wikipedia Is the Assignment Annotated

That’s what Martha Groom, a professor at the university’s Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences program, tried to do for the first time last fall by requiring term papers to be submitted to the popular, user-edited online encyclopedia. The project comes at a time when instructors and administrators continue to debate the boundaries of certain technologies within the classroom and how to adapt to students’ existing online habits.

Students Find That Wikipedians Are Tougher Graders Than Their Professor – Annotated

She required all of the 34 students in the course to write an article for their final class project and submit it to Wikipedia. By the end of the term, all of the papers had met her standards — in fact, she said the papers were generally the best she had ever had, since students worked harder knowing their work would be seen by a wide audience. But one of the papers was rejected almost immediately by Wikipedians, and four others were later removed by the community for not being up to the encyclopedia’s standards.

Attributor: Get more value from your original content Annotated

Get your original content into Attributor
You decide which content you want to monitor by pointing us to the appropriate RSS feeds or pages within your web site.
Sit back while Attributor monitors the Internet for copies
Attributor scans billions of web sites, blogs and social networks on a continuous basis to find copies of your content across the web. The Internet is a big place, and we’re constantly adding new pages as they are created.

News Syndication Annotated

Today, there are so many way to find an information ! But if you want to really get a critical and personal view onto a subject, it is really better to compare many sources. Clicnews service, help you to get the largest view the most quikly as possible.

ArchiveSIC :: [sic_00001670, version 1] IS COMMUNICATION SEPARABLE FROM INFORMATION? Annotated

L’approche française des sciences de l’information et de la communication est relativement « exceptionnelle » dans la mesure où ces deux champs forment une seule discipline contrairement aux pratiques étrangères, notamment amglo-saxones, où ces champs sont séparés. L’article traite du positionnement épistémologique, socioligque et culturel de cette exception française. Il s’appuie sur une analyse des thèmes des 850 thèses publiées en France depuis la création de la 71° section du Cnu. Il conclut que plutôt qu’une opposition il s’agit d’un continuum multidimensionnel entre information et communication.

Become a Power User « Web Worker Daily Annotated

As a web developer how we retain, organize, and use information is a high priority. One web application that has revolutionized the way I retain information is
I originally used it just to save the occasional link. I realized that it’s much more than that.
Here are a few power tips to make the most of the social bookmarking application.

Mozilla Firefox Annotated is metropolitan based “invite only” online mobile and social network
focused exclusively on anything trendy and funky in the fabulous worlds
of nightlife, fashion, music, and film. By « anything » we mean anything:
people, events, videos, articles, photos and blogs.
The Metrofunk project is collaborative effort that began two years ago
by a team of industry veterans and trendsetters:
nightlife personalities, fashion designers, independent artists, and film makers.


This is an alpha version of Ezclopedia. Ezclopedia is a website that provides a better alternative for qualified individuals to share their knowledge and provide free and trustworthy information and get the appreciations and recognitions they deserve for their sincere, knowledgeable efforts. In Ezclopedia, thousands authors collaborate to build an online knowledge gateway by contributing millions articles that are not limited to only encyclopedia articles. However, only 1 – 5 author(s) will work together in writing each article. Ezclopedia’s algorithm tracks the percentage of contribution of each author of an article and distributes the shared advertising revenue generated by the article to the authors based on their contributions.

Ultra-book :: book en ligne de creatifs

Eyejot :: Eyejot This – Send links with video, directly from your browser Annotated

Eyejot This! is a bookmarklet that allows you to send Eyejot video messages pertaining to web sites you visit. Your Eyejot message will automatically contain a link to the page you’re on, along with the page title.

Main Page – The Mason Historiographiki Annotated

The Mason Historiographiki is a wiki (collaborative website) written and edited by graduate students in history at George Mason University who are preparing for written or oral comprehensive examinations. Only they and their instructors may edit it, but anyone interested in their take on the literature of history is welcome to read. In its ial incarnation, it will focus on twentieth-century United States history.

Research Trends Annotated

Welcome to the first issue of Research Trends, a bi-monthly newsletter providing objective, up-to-the-minute insights into scientific trends based on bibliometric analysis.

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