Stratégie de publication électronique pour les universités américaines (JEP)


The Journal of Electronic Publishing: University Publishing In A Digital Age Annotated

    Summary of Recommendations

  • Recognize that publishing is an integral part of the core mission and activities of universities, and take ownership of it.
  • Take inventory of the landscape of publishing activities currently taking place within your university.
  • Develop a strategic approach to publishing on your campus, including what publication services should be provided to your constituents, how they should be provided and funded, how publishing should relate to tenure decisions, and a position on intellectual assets.
  • Create the organizational structure necessary to implement this strategy and leverage the resources of the university.
  • Consider the importance of publishing towards an institution’s reputation, especially when associated with core academic strengths.
  • Develop online publishing capabilities for backlist and frontlist content and for new emerging formats.
  • Develop a shared electronic publishing infrastructure across universities to save costs, create scale, leverage expertise, innovate, extend the brand of U.S. higher education, create an interlinked environment of information, and provide a robust alternative to commercial competitors.
  • Commit resources to deliver an agreed strategic plan for scholarly communication.

Recommendation 6: Collaborate with libraries to co-develop tools and programs

Work together to identify content of institutional value. Co-develop products, tools and professional educational and training programs for faculty, researchers, and students around traditional and electronic publishing issues, procedures, etc. Co-develop joint programs for preservation and archiving or collaborate in support of third party platforms that ensure preservation. Co-develop tools for content creation and online collaboration.

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