Dan Rodrik: les chercheurs (en sciences économiques) et leurs blogues


Enquête (corrélation entre la notioriété bloguistique et la notoriété académique ie bibliométrique) et considérations sur la comptabilité du blogging et de l’activité académique sur le blogue de l’économiste américain Dan Rodrick.

Dani Rodrik’s weblog: Scholarship vs. bloggership

my expectation was that blog popularity and scholarship would have little (or perhaps even a negative) correlation. After all, the skills of a blogger (writing quickly and well, working for short-term results, spending a lot of time reading and digesting others’ work) are not necessarily those that a scholar who wants long-term impact needs to have. Plus, there is the time spent on the blog–which does mean less time for research.

the correlation between how well one does on bloggership and on scholarship turns out to be positive and statistically highly significant.

if one excludes the top 10 scholars the correlation is no longer statistically significant at conventional levels.

high-impact scholarship appears to be a sufficient but not necessary condition for successful bloggership. Once one leaves out the very top scholars, there is very little relationship between scholarly impact and popularity as a blogger. (I should add, to cover myself against the statistics police, that these statements are conditional on having a blog.) Cyberspace creates its own pecking order.

Suite à ce poste, Dan Rodrik reçoit le commentaire d’un chercheur qui explique en gros que nul chercheur blogueur n’est prophète en son département:

Dani Rodrik’s weblog: Does blogging have an academic downside? Annotated

I can’t say it doesn’t cost me research. But ten people will read my papers, if I’m lucky. There’s no way I will ever have the impact publishing I will have blogging–not even close–so day to day it’s hard to know where to put my effort. For my personal gain, it’s research and forget about the blog, but I’m not sure that’s best in some bigger sense.

I’ve had someone visit my office to tell me I should stop doing it because the Department won’t value it, and it may even undermine academic credibility having a blog, but I figure this is what tenure is for so I said I’m doing it anyway. But it does hurt my feelings (within the Department) to be so ignored. I only have two readers here–I think it’s funny that I have more people who read at Harvard, Berkeley, etc. than here

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