Butinage du 3.10.06


Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | US loosens grip on running of internet

The EU yesterday hailed a decision by the US government to back down and grant full autonomy by 2009 to the not-for-profit organisation that manages internet domain names.

The EU has consistently criticised US control over internet governance, condemning the Bush administration’s interference in the proposed creation of a new.xxx domain for online pornography.

« Historically, there has been extensive debate about who controls Icann – but there have been few if any compelling visions articulated as to how and whether to replace the current US government role. This new agreement will please many commentators who were calling for greater transparency and accountability from Icann. It also responds to those, including Nominet, who were pressing for a lighter weight agreement. »

Le Figaro – France : La France malade de ses universités

Filières sans débouchés, campus vétustes, étudiants perdus… Le malaise des facs n’a jamais été aussi profond. Cinq experts ont planché pour «Le Figaro» sur des pistes de réforme.

à Limoges, dans l’après-crise du CPE, les choses ont changé. «Les étudiants posent de vraies questions sur les débouchés d’une filière avant de s’y inscrire. Ils réfléchissent clairement à leur avenir. Ils veulent savoir où ils vont.»

L’université française est pauvre. Bien plus que ses homologues à l’étranger, bien plus que les grandes écoles. Notre pays dépense en moyenne 6 800 euros par étudiant contre 9 000 euros pour la moyenne des pays de l’OCDE. À titre d’exemple, les étudiants en classes préparatoires dans l’Hexagone sont nettement mieux lotis : la collectivité leur consacre 13 000 euros par élève chaque année. La somme peut même atteindre 24 000 euros pour les écoles les plus prestigieuses

Firefox JavaScript security « a complete mess »? (updated)

Firefox is loaded with security flaws, according to a hacker duo that presented at this year’s ToorCon.

According to the pair, the implementation is home to at least 30 possible exploits, all of which they plan to keep to themselves.

The presentation, dubbed « Lovin the LOLs, LOL is my will, » actually only focused on one flaw, which the presenters said affects Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The exploit reportedly causes a stack overflow by merely including a small snippet of JavaScript code on a webpage. Spiegelmock and Wbeelsoi have declined to fully detail the exploit, however, leaving Mozilla a bit in the dark.

Reports of the flaw come less than a week after Symantec’s biannual Internet Security Threat Report indicated that the number of browser vulnerabilities is on the rise. Firefox led the pack both in terms of absolute number of vulnerabilities disclosed on the last six months, and in terms of percentage growth over the year. The report also noted that Firefox had the lowest « window of vulnerability, » meaning that the time between identification and fix was comparatively shorter that for other browsers.

Opponents have long argued that open source software is inherently unsafe because Bad People™ can pore over the source code looking for exploits. Opponents liken it to publishing the blueprints to a fortress. Open source advocates have argued the opposite, namely that publishing source code ultimately results in more security. The more eyes that pore over the source code, it is argued, the more likely it is that vulnerabilities will be discovered and fixed.

The truth is likely somewhere in-between.

Mozilla has been able to reproduce a DoS issue based on the information, according to a new post on the Mozilla Developer Center. So far, they have yet to determine whether code execution is a possibility, but say they are « still investigating » and promise updates as necessary.

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